PSM Partnership Opportunities

There are ways to partner with PSM to develop and facilitate training programs: PSM Training Partner Program (PTP) and Authorized Training Provider.


The PSM Training Partner Program (PTP) program has been designed to bring value to the unique needs of the pumping community. With a focus on access to free and discounted training courses, the cost of the PSM Training Partner Program (PTP) is an annual fee of $1,000.

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Benefits of the PSM Training Partner Program

  • Unlimited organizational access to Basic Training content
  • Customize private courses to meet your organization's unique training needs
  • Participation in training content and development committees within PSM or the Educational Steering Committee (ESC)


PSM has established the Authorized Training Provider program to expand its educational activities in improving the energy efficiency and reliability of pumping systems and to meet the professional development needs of engineers, maintenance and operations professionals worldwide. Under the Authorized Training Provider program, PSM works directly or with local PSM-authorized training providers to market and promote PSM courses to local communities of engineers and other technical professionals based on market needs. The Authorized Training Provider may only engage the services of PSM Authorized Training Instructors to deliver said courses.


Why become a PSM Sponsor?

When you become a Pump Systems Matter Sponsor, you join a collaborative network of professionals who are working together to identify the key market opportunities, technology, training, tools, education and incentive programs that will transform the pumping industry. There are three tiers to this program: Sponsor, Advocate, and Champion. Click on the boxes below to learn more.


PSM Sponsors are recognized for their commitment towards Energy Efficiency in commercial and industrial applications.

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PSM Advocates are dedicated to educating users as a critical element of market transformation. They show their support by aligning education opportunities and providing tools to their rate-payers.

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Current PSM Sponsors

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