About PSM

Pump Systems Matter (PSM) supports the industry regarding strategic, broad-based energy management and pump system performance optimization by providing the marketplace with training, tools, and collaborative opportunities that progress sustainability practices into normal business operations.

PSM achieves this by:

1. Building awareness of systems optimization with pump users and with the management, production and technical levels of companies throughout the supply chain.

2. Partnering with key groups such as, the energy efficiency community, utilities, engineering consulting firms, pump system users, the Hydraulic Institute and other associations, and government agencies to strategically support educating, encouraging and creating incentives for end users and trade partners to adopt systems optimization products, services and practices.

PSM Board of Directors

The Board of PSM supports the mission by contributing their experience and expertise to critical strategy and program development. Below is the roster of PSM Board Members since February 28, 2024.

Pump System Matter (PSM)


Scott Tystad 

Pentair; VP Knowledge & Education, Hydraulic Institute Board Member

Board Member 

Jack Claxton 

Patterson Pumps; VP Technical Affairs, Hydraulic Institute

Board Member 

Tammy Moskal 

 Xylem; VP Certification, Hydraulic Institute 

Board Member 

Zeljko Terzic


Board Member 

Greg Case


Board Member 

Randy Stevens 


Board Member 

Kelly Tappa


Board Member 

Tomas Dobrovolskis


Board Member 

 Kristen Aramthanapon 



Michael Michaud

Hydraulic Institute, Executive Director

Legal Counsel

Eric McClafferty

Kelly Drye, Legal Counsel 


Matt Derner

 Hydraulic Institute, Manager Business Development, Education & Training