Pump Systems Training and PSAP Certification Prep Course With Exam Bundle | March 14-16

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Pump Systems Training and PSAP Certification Prep Course with Exam Bundle

March 14-16, 2023 | 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST


With energy efficiency and system optimization leading a shift in the pump industry, there is a growing need for pump system professionals with the knowledge and experience to perform high quality assessments to benchmark current systems and recommend system upgrades. Pump system training provides professionals with the knowledge and tools to perform system assessments and the Pump Systems Assessment Professional (PSAP) Certification provides third-party validation of an individual’s proficiency in pump fundamentals, pump system optimization techniques, and implementation of pump system assessments.

This course bundle offers 3 days of virtual instruction on Pump System Fundamentals (Day 1), System Optimization and Assessment (Day 2), and PSAP Certification Exam Prep (Day 3). Registration for this bundle also includes the PSAP certification exam at a discounted fee. The exam can be scheduled at a later date after an application is submitted. Click here for more information on the certification exam and the certification process. Click here if you do no want to include the certification exam in the course bundle.

This course bundle is designed to educate and train pump engineers, technical sales, pump system owners, designers, and operators on the fundamentals of pump and system design, including system hydraulics and calculations, pump and system curves, system components, factors affecting reliably and energy consumption, and control. The course will cover the knowledge areas for conducting pump system assessment and prepares you to take the PSAP Certification Exam. Registration for this course bundle includes a digital copy of the Pump System Optimization Guidebook and the Pump Systems Assessment Professional Certification Exam Study Guide.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of assessing pumping systems for optimization and the impacts of energy consumption
  • Understand the interaction between pump behavior and system behavior, effectively use pump and system curves to guide pump selection and control, and understand pump system power consumption
  • Understand how the system is controlled and how to vary the operating point
  • Identify common operating issues in pump systems and how to resolve it
  • Explain the function of different pump system components, such as drivers, bearings, seals, piping, valves, and instrumentation
  • Explain the U.S. DOE regulations for certain clean water pumps and industry efforts to promote energy efficient pumps and pump systems
  • Utilize the 13 step process for pump selection, specification, and acceptance
  • Describe the different preventive and predictive maintenances practices
  • Understand piping and instrumentation diagrams, isometrics, process flow diagrams, and engineering drawings
  • Identify optimization opportunities in existing systems and new designs
  • Implement optimization solutions
  • Implement the 13 steps of a pump system assessment
  • Prepare for the PSAP Certification Exam with work exercises and explanation of solutions

Who Should Attend

Engineers, Sales Professionals, Energy Efficiency Professionals, Reliability and Maintenance Personnel, Engineering Consultants, and Technical Service Professionals.

This course bundle is designed to prepare an individual to take the PSAP Certification Exam. HI is now offering remote online-proctored exams via ProctorU as a safe, secure, and easy way to take the PSAP Certification Exam. ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from the comfort of your home. For more information or questions on taking the examination, contact Edgar Suarez.

For inquires regarding the Pump Systems Training Course, please contact Matt Derner at mderner@pumps.org or call 862-242-5338. For inquires regarding the PSAP Certification Exam contact Edgar Suarez at esuarez@pumps.org or call 862-217-2441.

Registration Fees

This course bundle with exam provides you with additional savings as shown below.

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    Pump Systems Assessment Professional (PSAP) certification validates the knowledge and experience of industry experts. PSAPs meet the standard of excellence required to collect, review and analyze the data needed to fully assess pumping systems and recommend strategies for optimization, efficiency, reliability and overall system improvement.


    This examination is for the certification of Pump Systems Assessment Professionals (PSAP) developed by the Hydraulic Institute. PSAP certification provides confidence to pump end-users and other stakeholders that pump system assessors have the knowledge and experience to perform high-quality assessments which will lead to energy-efficient and reliable pumping systems. The exam is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates have three and one-half (3½) hours to complete the exam. Carefully read the questions and choose the best answer. A formula sheet has been provided as a reference.

    For more information on the PSAP certification process and the exam, please go to www.pumps.org/psap.